Our Story

We ascertained that more and more people were returning to the old values of using pure, natural, authentic soaps, in an effort to rid themselves of chemical-induced, itchy, irritated skin and generally improve their well-being, not to mention doing their bit for the environment.

So we started crafting authentic essential oils and natural fragrence soaps on Indian and United States markets. Soon our customers were asking if they could order our soap when we weren’t in town, so… we put our products online and Bath N’ Bask was born.

Each of Bath N’ Bask’s products are artfully handcrafted with pronounceable ingredients that are intentionally formulated to bring you the very best that nature has to offer. Our unique recipes are inspired by nature and use the finest quality ingredients including flowers, herbs and spices – some of which are home grown or locally sourced – and the only living creatures they are tested on are family and willing friends!

Containing pure ingredients and the legendary fragrances found in nature, Bath N’ Bask Soaps will always stand alone as the very finest in the world.

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